Our eyebrows are sisters, not twins so it's easy to get overly obsessed with over-tweezing to get the perfect shape.  No matter what your issue is your eyebrows are an important part of framing your face and completing your look.  

Whether your eyebrows are going through an ugly stage trying to grow back you can easily use LASHEXTEND to get growth in the areas that aren't growing and fill in with one of my favorite SHADOWSENSE or BROWSENSE.  

First define the arch, the highest point just above the iris of your eye.  There are many ways to shape your brows depending on the shape of your face.  

Round - Angular Brows (higher arch)

Square - Softly Rounded Brows

Long Face - Extended Brow

Oval Face - Balanced Brow

Trim your eyebrows too.  If you find longer strays comb with an eyebrow brush found in the brush set and trim.  This creates a cleaner look.