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Lifting and Firming Neck Cream

Going to SeneGence events means you’re able to see the newest products being released to the entire company. My heart literally starts to beat faster and the anticipation is high. At Seminar a new lifting and firming neck cream was released with new packaging. Corporate has been talking about giving our products a new look. And you guys … its beautiful!!!

The new lifting and firming neck cream has a unique way to get the product out by pressing the top down and cream being dispensed from the middle of the spout. The first time I used it you do have to pump it a few times before the product is dispersed.

Trying it for the first time I was very impressed of how thick and moisturizing my neck, jawline and chest felt. You want to apply it day and night and a little bit goes a long way. I actually did one full pump the first time using it and had to use the excess on my hands.

To be honest no one wants a turkey neck so taking care the thinner parts of your skin is a must. There isn’t as much collagen which is what helps keep the skin plump and smooth. The lifting and firming neck cream includes proprietary anti-aging complex, SenePlex+ and in addition to vitamins, powerful anti-aging ingredients and natural botanical extracts to work at a cellular level to plump, hydrate, smooth wrinkles, and even skin texture.

The crazy thing is upon immediate application my skin looked plumper, smoother and more hydrated. With use over time, skin is noticeable firmer, lifted and bouncier. In a study the skin in the decolletage showed a 24% in roughness, after only 15 minutes of being treated by Vexel SP one of the complexes used in the cream.

Seeing some of the results using the lifting and firming cream are insane. Check them out below.

Follow my  Instagram Stories . I share behind the scenes of products, family and fun stuff.

Follow my Instagram Stories. I share behind the scenes of products, family and fun stuff.