Self Care Routine With Love Rochelle


mindset is everything

Today we're talking all about changing your mindset with a daily power hour.  Let's be real we have days that are better than others.  Is this too much for you?  Are you already thinking to yourself how will I create a full hour to work on personal development?  Am I crazy?  No!!!!

We as business owners, mothers, and wives we need to give ourselves self-care or we won't have anything left to give to others.  I promise if you spend one hour a day on the following techniques you will see a shift in how you feel when you get up, how you feel about yourself and start to feel more focused, re-energized and happy about life.

I was in your place not too long ago.  I was working 24/7 just to stay busy and to feel like I was doing something.  Feeling overwhelmed and irritable when my family wanted my attention because that meant I had to stop doing what I was working on.  I was stressed out because I couldn't focus on anything feeling overworked and spread too thin.  Nothing ever seemed to go right.  I was always trying to catch up.  Trying to come off perfect and trying to keep it all together.  Raise your hand if you can relate!

I'm going to give you the secret sauce to a morning routine that can help you change your mindset in just one hour per day.  

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Create your power hour


Here's the details goal digger.  Are you tired of doing the same things hoping to get different results?  Are you feeling like no matter what you do nothing ever changes?  Are you stressed every time you get a bill? Are you feeling mentally exhausted?    Then this POWER HOUR is definitely something you should try to get you some self-care.  And I'm not just saying reading this and never putting it into action or trying it for only a few days and saying it doesn't work.  Because gurrrrl if you really take this seriously you can change your mindset and become the most powerful you've ever felt.  

Here are just a few things that can change for you:

  • Guilt-Free Me Time

  • Focused

  • Less Irittable

  • Have more energy

  • Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings as well as others

If some of these are not things that you need to focus on during your power hour girlfriend don't worry you can tailor your sesh to what you want to focus on.  And YASSSS you can always adjust it as you go along.  This is your routine.  In the 5 day challenge I will really dive deeper into different areas of life you can make dramatic changes to.

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What Consumes Your Mind


At first, it will be hard.  Believe me.  Waking up an hour early was hard enough but if you truly want to see a change you need to push yourself.  Luckily, it does get easier and what makes it all worthwhile is the changes you will start to see.  


The timing of each of these can vary depending on what you need more work on.  I do recommend you do at a minimum of 20 minutes of self-development.  

The first 5 to 10 minutes is in silence.  You can meditate, manifest, breathing exercises, stretching and/or praying.  I do a mixture of all of these.  

Next, I spend 5 minutes reading or listening to affirmations on different things I am feeling that morning.  It could be based on fears, money, family, or simply gratitude.  Affirmations are sentences that are aimed to affect your conscious and subconscious mind focusing on mental images to inspire, re-energize and inspire us.  

After affirmations, personal development is a must daily.  Some days I may even spend 45 minutes to an hour on this one.  Self-help books, personal development audibles, podcast, or even blog post can easily take up your 20 minutes.  

From there I like to spend 5-10 minutes visualizing.  If you have created a vision board this is a great opportunity to take a look at that or re-visit your goals mentally.  You can also utilize this time to visualize the goals you are working on and already having them in your possession and the feelings they bring.  

Lastly, exercise for 20 minutes if possible.  You can go for a jog outside and get fresh air, do yoga at home, stretch or hop on the treadmill.  

This isn't too bad, right?

We live in a time where everyone wants instant gratification.  With the internet and social media portraying everyone having a perfect life in little squares is not REAL.  We have to put in the work if we want to make a change.  You can continue to keep doing the same things over and over and not making any progress.

Let me ask you ... If you continue doing the same things that are obviously not working you won't see changes and you wouldn't have read to this point if you didn't want to make an impact.  


You're always with yourself

So you might as well enjoy the company


Is what you're doing now going to help you?  Probably not.  Would it hurt to try this power hour?  Absolutely not!!!  You have nothing to lose but everything to gain!  And not just for you but for your children, husband and anyone in close contact with you.    

Join the 5 day Self Care Challenge and download the Self Care Guide that really breaks down each of these activities.  I share applications for meditation, affirmations, prayer, exercise.  I even give you self help books on audible to read with your first book being free.  This makes your journey to implementing this power hour easier for you and not quitting before you even start.  Every day you will receive an email with the juicy details of what you need to get done and keep you accountable.  I also include a tracker so you can keep track of your progress. 

Dear Self:

When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better.  You start to attract better.  You start looking better.  You start to attract better.  It all starts within you.  

Fall in love with taking care of yourself: mind, body and soul.  There is only one of you.  Self care is not selfish.  It's necessary!