The Best SeneGence Mother's Day Beauty Gift Ideas

This Mother’s Day do something fun and exciting with your gifts. Give the one’s you love some amazing products that they’ll absolutely fall in love with. One of the best parts of my job is packaging up these pretty orders for you. Big or small you’ll always receive an amazing presentation. I put together a few different gift ideas that you need to order asap because their are only limited sets of each.

SeneGence Sample Products


Lipsense Lip Color with gloss samples

LipSmooth $25 with Lip Balm Sample

Lip Balm $20 with LipSmooth Sample

Hand Creme $20 and Free Gift

Body Wash $20 and Loofah


LipSense Lip Collection $50 (save $5) with lipsense holder pouch

LipSmooth and Lip Balm Duo $40 with samples

2 ShadowSense and Brush Set $40

Hand Cream and Shea Body Butter $45 (save $5) plus free gift

Cleanser $30 plus cleansing pad

Nangai Oil with free gift $45 (save $5)

Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer and Beauty Sponge $45

Foundation and Travel Pearlizer $50

VolumeIntense Mascara & UnderSense 3 In 1 Maximizing Lash Primer $45 plus free lash curler (normally $52)


Lifting and Firming Neck Cream with Free Eye Mask $90

Cleanser and DayTime Moisturizer plus cleansing pad $80

Eye Brightener Set (dark circles and tired mama eyes) - Eyeluminator and Dark Circle Eye Treatment $100 (save $5) and free gel eye mask

Lipsense Set (2 lipsense colors, remover and gloss) with holder pouch $75 (save $5)

Lipsense Set (1 Lipsense, remover, gloss, lip balm and lipsmooth) $95 (save $5)

Body Bundle (body wash, shea butter body cream, hand cream, hydrating serum mist) $100 (save $10)

Summer Bundle (SeneSun & Coconut Bronzing Milk) $90 and free summer tote (save $5)

$100 or more gift sets

Skin Care Starter Set (3 in 1 Cleanser, Daytime Moisturizer, Evening Moisturizer) $135 (save $5 and Travel Makeup Bag $30 Value)

Skin Care Deluxe Set (3 in 1 Cleanser, Daytime Moisturizer, Evening Moisturizer & Eye Creme) $175 (save $15 and Travel Makeup Bag $30 Value)

Body Care Starter Set (body wash, shea butter body cream, hand cream, hydrating body lotion, and SeneSun) $150 (save $10) with Free Travel bag $30 Value.

Makeup Bundle Set 1 (Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer, Sponge, BlushSense, LipSense Collection) $130 plus travel makeup bag

Makeup Bundle Set 2 (Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer, Sponge, 3 ShadowSense, VolumeIntense Mascara $139 plus SeneCouture Makeup Bag ($45 Value)

The Glow Package - Brightening Treatment and Facial Resurfacer $120 (save $5) plus free Travel Makeup Bag

HairCovery Shampoo Conditioner serum and Holding Spray

Hair Care Set is the perfect gift for any mama who needs some TLC. Grab the set today normally $190 for $160 plus a FREE WETnDRY Detangling Hair Brush!

HairCovery Hair Products.JPG

give longer fuller healthier hair

to order your set please dm me or text “ORDER” to 563-6357-6004