How To Do A Unicorn Makeup Look Tutorial & Galaxy Lip Art

Once in awhile I love to have my daughter Valentina do a LIVE tutorial with me. I have to warn her to be on her best behavior because she can become sassy real quick. I had a fun time with my daughter she makes me laugh at the things she comes up with. And breaking into a dance off with herself is even funnier.

I had purchased a few Halloween headbands at the Dollar Store so that we could use them for our looks. Valentina wanted to do a Unicorn look for the longest and I have wanted to attempt lip art.

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Unicorn Look

Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer in Medium


CHERRY BlushSense mixed with Pearlizer


Pink Hibiscus ShadowSense on lid
Lava Shimmer ShadowSense


filled with Seafoam Shimmer ShadowSense


Mauve Ice Lipsense 3 layers
Pink Glitter Gloss


Used Opal Gloss to adhere the sparkles ✨

Galaxy Lips 👄

BlackBerry LipSense
Violet Volt Lipsense
Snow ShadowSense
Icicle LipSense
Glitter Gloss