Small, tired eyes appear less youthful and can emphasize the effects of aging. Create the illusion of bright, awakened eyes with simple makeup tips.  

  1. Diminish dark under eye circles. Dark under eye circles makes eyes appear tired. Hide them by adding a layer of EyeLuminator and Corrective Color Concealer in Light, Medium, or Deep over the under eye area. The reflective particles in the EyeLuminator will make the under eye area look brighter, while the Corrective Color Concealer works to hide discoloration.
  2. Brighten lower lash line and inner corners. Applying a white or nude shade to the lower lash line creates the illusion of larger, more open eyes. Try applying ShadowSense in Snow or Candlelight to the lower waterline to make eyes appear more open. You can also apply Sandstone Pearl Shimmer to the inner corners of the eye to make eyes appear brighter.
  3. Apply mascara. Accentuating your lashes will frame your eyes and make them appear larger and more awake. Curl your lashes before applying UnderSense Lash Builder and LashSense Mascara for fuller, longer-looking lashes that open up the eyes.
  4. Define brows. Eyebrows also frame the eyes so defining their shape by grooming stray hairs and filling in sparse areas will help make the entire eye area stand out. Fill brows with BrowSense Liquid Brow Color or ShadowSense for long-lasting results. Another way to define brows is highlighting the brow area right below the arch with ShadowSense in Sandstone Pearl Shimmer. This will give the appearance of a lifted brow and larger eye area.
  5. Swap Black Liner for Black-Brown. Eyeliner can add definition to the eyes, but thick black eyeliner can make eyes appear smaller. Try Black Brown EyeSense or Brown LashExtend and stick as closely to the lash line as possible to avoid minimizing the size of the eye.