Wearing bold lip colors is a fun and simple way to freshen up your look for a new season. With our newest limited-edition LipSense shades, there are plenty of fabulous colors to try. For those who are new to this exciting trend, here are three tips to perfecting the look. (Skyline LipSense shown on the model)

1. Precision is key. Wearing a bold color accentuates your lip shape, and any imperfection becomes immediately noticeable. Take time during your application to apply the color precisely, especially when outlining your lips. If needed, use a lip brush or LinerSense in a complementing shade to outline your lips before proceeding to fill them in with color. If your outline is messy, use LipSense Ooops! Remover to clean up any mistakes.

2. Allow each layer to fully dry completely between applications. With bold lips, you want opaque color that stands out without distracting streaks or patches. The best way to achieve the results you want is to wait a full minute after applying each layer to allow the color to dry completely. Top with your choice of Moisturizing Gloss to keep your lips soft and healthy and to lock in your beautiful lip color.

3. Keep the rest of your look simple. Allow your lip color to stand out by keeping your eyes and blush to a minimum. Stick to neutral ShadowSense shades and create a subtle eye look. If you are short on time, applying EyeSense Liquid Eyeliner and LashSense Waterproof Mascara will still give you a chic and finished look. On your cheeks, choose a complementary BlushSense color and make sure to apply a sheer amount to bring your face to life without competing with your beautiful lips.