The long-lasting capabilities of ShadowSense with SenePlex are set up via the SeneDerm SkinCare System and MakeSense Foundation with SenePlex. Creamy SenseCosmetics ShadowSense formulas are nourished with the same proprietary anti-aging formulation and advanced color technology as the MakeSense Foundation with SenePlex, and of course offer another layer of SenePlex to the very delicate eye area most prone to wrinkling.

ShadowSense with SenePlex Cream to Powders are thicker than the consistency of MakeSense Foundation, and of course dry to a powder to leave a denser eye color expression. ShadowSense is available in a wide range of matte and shimmer colors to create stunning eye looks, and can also be used to brilliantly line eyes.

Here's a break down of what colors compliment your eye color