Do you ever find yourself stopping yourself anytime you become anxious, fearful or out of your comfort zone?

Everyone has the same fears and limiting beliefs even successful people.  The difference is that successful people face it head-on.  They do the things without hesitation even before they are ready.  

Girl, stop negotiating with yourself!  You're capable of doing amazing things!  It all starts with the belief you have for yourself.  I totally understand the sweaty palms, the butterflies, or legit almost passing out when I'm about to do something scary.  

When you envision failure, feeling uncomfortable or not having the ability to do certain things you are negotiating with yourself!!!  Limiting yourself.  And you need to STOP!  Be aware when this is happening!

Obviously, things won't happen overnight for you.  The fears and the anxieties will slowly go away if you start to do little things little by little.  

For example, I hate cold showers.  I get irritable, annoyed, anxious whenever the water gets cold.  Literally, death is on my mind.  The water is so cold that it may kill me.  This is me negotiating with myself.  Telling myself that I'm not capable or strong enough to sit through a colder temperature.  In all reality I am.  It's all in my head.  

The cold shower challenge helped me realize I was in my own head.  I'm my worst critic.  I'm the one holding myself back.  If I never try something new or try to implement little by little the insecurities and stories will always be there.  Break the negotitions! 

After the first day of doing this cold shower challenge, I stepped out of the shower feeling more powerful!  Taking this cold shower for the last 30 seconds made me aware that I can do so much more.  Get in tune with yourself!

You got this!!!  YES, YOU!!!  

So here's the challenge and this can help with anything you have been negotiating with yourself about.  I know this may seem crazy to you but if you start small and work your way up BIG things will start to happen.  

You start to BELIEVE.  Believe you are capable.  Believe you are strong-minded.  Believe you can accomplish things.  Believe all around.  You just have to start somewhere. 

Start with taking a shower in lukewarm water and moving the setting colder every shower you start for the next 7 days.  Move the setting of the water colder for the last 30 seconds of your shower on day 1, last 45 seconds on day 2, last 60 seconds on day 3, last 2 minutes on day 4, last 2.5 minutes on day 5, last 3 minutes on day 6 and day 7 try to do it for as long as you can or even start at the coldest temperature.  

You can train yourself in any area of life to hold your ego back from getting in the way and the easiest way to start doing this is by taking cold showers every single morning.  You will not only jumpstart your day but show your mind who the real #bossbabe is.  When you slowly try the things you're most scared of and get you outside of your comfort bubble that's when the real magic starts to happen.  

Enjoy this challenge! 

Drop me a note below I would love to hear how the challenge is going for you!!!