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The company I am a distributor for recently announced that the annual fee of $55 is being waived.  This is unheard of when you are starting your own business.  I've said it before and I will continue to stand by my word that joining this company has taught me more than some expensive webinars & courses I've paid for and even google about how to run a business.  

Let's take it back a few years real quick.  When I first started my boutique back in 2011 when I had just been laid off 8 months pregnant with my daughter Valentina.  My husband and I had lost everything.  Our beautiful 5000 square foot home we had just moved into, our cars, our dignity you name it.  It was the roughest time we had ever gone through.  We already had 2 little boys, Victor and Santino, and now our first baby girl on the way.  With the housing market crash to make a long story short, I had lost my job as a loan officer making 6 figures.  Talk about panic.  

I had decided to start my own boutique because I was done with the corporate life and well no one was hiring loan officers during this crisis.  I had to learn everything I know today googling, reading, watching and more googling.  It took me a year or more to get my boutique online and not doing small vendor shows breaking my back setting up and breaking down.  

Joining this company has helped me learn the steps to running my side hustle and how to fit it into the pockets of my time.  The mentors that are available at my fingertips is crazy.  The $55 I spent to become a distributor I would pay over and over again for the sisterhood, the mindset change and the fearlessness I now have.  

Let's not get started on the additional income I've made.  If you're a stay at home mom, working part-time, hustling a full-time job and looking for a part-time side hustle I can help guide you just the way the mentors I had did for me.  There is a system in place.  

I am shocked still that the company announced $0 to join the business (regularly $55).  If you have a passion for changing your families feature you need to consider this.  The company has been around since 1999 and is on it's way to becoming the number one beauty direct sales company ever.  

Do you have a passion for makeup, beauty, or skin care?  Then there should be no reason in your mind why you wouldn't want to make extra money sharing about items you already use every day.  I don't want to single anyone out here.  There are definitely women who have never taken care of their skin or worn makeup and selling millions of dollars each year.  And there are even men who are distributors who are doing amazing at this.  The key is the "why" they are doing this!!!

Is it to make the extra $500 to make ends meet?  Is it to take their family on vacation so they can get away from the hustle and bustle and experience something new?  Is it to have something to call their own?  Is it so they can afford a car so they don't have to walk or take the bus everywhere?  Is it so they can afford to pay for the kids to do extracurricular activities to keep them out of trouble?  The list goes on and on and one thing I know for sure is everyone's reasons are different.  

I want to mentor you.  If you're coachable and ready to put in some work to have the life you want to design now is the time.  The $0 annual fee won't last long.  I have a guide to share with you and get you launched in the next 10 days or sooner.  Are you ready to start reaching those goals and dreams?  

What goals and dreams ...

  • Stay at home with your kids

  • Go on a memorable family vacation

  • Drive a company paid for car

  • Stop stressing over bills and pay debt off

  • Purchase the home you've always wanted

  • Be your own boss and work your dream schedule

The list goes on and on.  

The icing on the cake isn't even the FREE SIGNUP ...

  • Free Website for 30 days to promote your new side hustle ( or million dollar business - the possibilities are endless)

  • Profit margins at 50% your first 90 days

  • Earn up to $1400 worth of products, FREE, just for working your business

  • Free exclusive collection with your first order

I'd ask you if you were ready to start your new adventure but let's be honest no one is ever ready and the timing will never be right.  You just need to jump right in and give it a try.  You just never know that one decision you make at this moment could change your life forever.  I'm sharing this with you and opening up because I know what it's like to lose it all, be stressed out over the smallest things, and overworking myself because I was scared the money wouldn't come in.  Don't be her.

Make the change today!  If you need additional information or have questions please email me or click here.  

If you're ready to take advantage of the $0 signup fee with no monthly minimums or auto ships of products click here.

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I want you! And YASSSS you can do this!




*Offer valid from September 1, 2018, 12:01 a.m. US PT (SeneTime) to September 30, 2018, 11:59 a.m. US PT (eneTime). New Distributor Kit (NDK) ships with first 1 PV minimum order.