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SeneGence HairCoveryTM Thickening & Volumizing Holding Spray has medium to firm hold that keeps hair flexible while also delivering beneficial ingredients. This sophisticated formula contains ingredients such as SenePlex, SenePeptide, Capixyl, and vitamins that help improve the appearance and texture of hair. When used alongside other HairCovery products, hair will appear more volumized, shiny, and healthy.

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How To Get Thick, Voluminous, Shiny & More Manageable Hair for Any Hair Type

Enhance the volume, thickness, strength, and shine with a revolutionary hair care system developed by SeneGence®! The HairCovery Hair Care system works to revive hair to its healthiest state from scalp to ends. Safe and beneficial for color-treated hair, this collection helps improve volume, shine, and manageability using SenePlex+™, Senepeptides ™, and nourishing vitamins and botanicals.

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