Hey gorgeous soul,

In order for you to maintain your self-care routine you can definitely tailor it to your style or switch it up depending on what you're going through at the moment.  Every now and then I also change the routine a bit by adding in a different activity to keep from being mundane.  Take a look at the following Tips and Activities and if any of them resonate with you feel free to swap out anything to keep you from giving up on your self-care routine.  

Remember you deserve this time to yourself.  You need it.  Put yourself at the top of your list every single day and the rest will fall into place.  

30 Ways to Practice Self Care
Ideas for Practicing Self-Care

Ideas for Practicing Self Care

Physical - Mental - Emotional

10 Daily Ways to Reduce Stress and Cultivate Mindfulness
how to stop negotiating with yourself COLD SHOWER CHALLENGE.png

Stop Negotiating With Your Mind

Try the Cold Shower Challenge