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In order to get you jump started I’ve created a new distributor guide that easy to follow and access at anytime. Within the exclusive resources you’ll find templates, guide on social media, shopping list, planners, access to top apps that I use to streamline my business, scripts and an entire album of imagery to use for your business. No having to reinvent the wheel. It’s simple. It’s easy and takes minimal effort. Get access now ….


Fearless Beauty Team Youtube Playlist

Video Resources

Welcome video, 72 Hour Checklist to Launch Your Business, How To’s, Packaging, Demos and more.

Fearless Beauty Team - SeneGence Senesisters

72 Hours Checklist

Once you signup you will receive a 72 hour checklist with the most important information to get you jump started with your business. This guide is very helpful for new distributors and guides you step by step including videos.

Instagram Best Practices for SeneGence and Lipsense Distributors

Instagram Guide

Made specially for distributors on creating a brand, growing your engagement and best practices.

Packaging & Branding Materials for SeneGence Distributors

Packaging & Branding

An extensive guide for distributors to go over ideas for packaging orders, shipping orders, and additional list you’ll find so useful for your business.

SeneGence Distributor Payment Processing Guide and How To

Setting Up Payment Processing

An easy way to accept payments for orders and a full proof guide with an excel spreadsheet of all SeneGence products to upload. This is so important for distributors to streamline their ordering system.

SeneGence LipSense Curated Styled Photos

Curated Images For Easy Sharing

Not only will you get a complete album full of LipSense shades, Glosses, ShadowSense and all skin care to easily download and share in seconds. Not creative? No problem. I’m sharing all of my styled images with you as well to use on your social platforms.

SeneGence Business Tracker & LipSense Business Tracker

Track Business Expenses in a Breeze

A comprehensive excel spreadsheet to track all business expenses for small business owners. Excel spreadsheet template for accounting.

Applications and Tools for SeneGence / LipSense Distributors

Business Tools & Applications

If you’re techy or not you’ll love these business tools to keep your business organized with ready made templates from texting messaging programs to keep your customers informed to an app that reminds you to follow up with your team and customers. This is where it all comes together!!!

SeneGence Distributor Planner, Goal Sheets, Business Tracker, Expense Tracker

Business Planner, Goal Tracker, Sales Tracker & More

A custom SeneGence planner to track your daily to-do’s, plan your business around day to day life, keep track of sales and so much more. You’ll receive 69 pages of templates to use and re-use for your business! A gift from me to you!!!