If you've recently thought about doing what I do now is the time!  SeneGence recently added a new promotion to the table that is impossible to pass up!  You can get the perks of becoming a distributor for $55 annually and also get that $55 right back in SeneBucks to use on any product(s) you'd like.  Access to boss babe trainings, 20% to 50% off all your orders, exclusive offers only to distributors, and earn company paid trips and car!!!!

I just spent that on an Uber for a 20 minute ride which didn't get me anything in return!  This $55 could possibly take you to a whole new destination in life with hard work!  If you're ready to stop being fearless and do something for yourself I'm here to support you in any way!

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New Distributor Kits to JumpStart your business including promotions where you can get 50% off for your first 90 days as a distributor.  The possibilities are endless.  

Stop giving up on yourself.  Let go of the emergency break already!  If you keep telling yourself you don't have the time, you can't do this and you can't be like me then that's exactly what you'll get.  Start believing in yourself.  

The easiest thing to do is quit or not start at all.  Start doing today so that tomorrow you'll have what others want!